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Bye Bye Pest is a locally owned and operated family business with 20 years of experience in treating and removing carpenter ant infestations as well as other pests.


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Fast, effective, and affordable carpenter ant removal

While there are several species of carpenter ants, most of the infestations involve only two. Up to about 2003, carpenter ant treatments were labor intensive, and required long periods of follow-up to really get rid of them.


Since the introduction of modern, non-repellent technology, primarily Termidor (BASF), treatments are much more effective and cost less! Ants pick up the active ingredients in Termidor and carry it with them, feeding it to each other and killing the nest. Follow-up is usually not required, though a yearly treatment may be helpful in preventing future infestations.

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Our goal is to provide our customers with the service they need. We want to eliminate pests, so they can't come back inside your home anymore.


The key to success is proper identification of the pest. Once identified, we use products designed to eliminate it, not just scare it away.